Saturday, April 18, 2020

Mr Raphael Ngoma Tsasa Manchester, Essay Example

Mr Raphael Ngoma Tsasa Manchester, Essay A committed and motivated individual who is able to work effectively alone or as part of a team. Possesses a wide knowledge of IT skills. Has the ability to learn new skills fast and continually learn when the opportunity arises. A good experience in Administration, finance and human resource at Sadisa/Kinshasa.Fluent in French and English; good understanding of Portuguese and also some other language from Africa (Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili). I have good communication skills and I worked as Radio Broadcaster in Belgium from 1994-1995: Skyrock Couvin and Nostalgie. Employment History 3rd Yes SPRL: Managing Director (Family Company) 2010 2012 African Francophone Integration Project, Beswick2003 – 2010 Vice Chair/ Community Advice Worker (Voluntary) Giving advice and guidance to asylum seekers and refugees about Housing, education, employment, health, immigration and welfare benefits, Debts, Council Tax. †¢ Sign posting and referrals †¢ Helping people to claim welfare b enefits †¢ Information skills for information, Advice and Guidance †¢ Interpretation and translation †¢ Casual French Interpretation Job with Greater Manchester Immigration Units †¢ Child protection †¢ Computer maintenance Software Skils gained: 2003-2007 |Management Finance Child Protection | |Fundraising |IT skills | |Equal Opportunity |Working as interpreter at advice centre (CHAC) | |Introduction to Advice Work |Case Recording Procedures for Advice Sessions | |Networking |Interviewing Skills | |Policy and Procedure |Listening Skills | |Equal Opportunity |Telephone skills | |Introduction on debt matter |Listening skills | |Maintaining and filing system | | |Form filling | | | | |Royal Mail, Manchester2002 – 2003 Mail Sort Warehouse Operator †¢ Sorting items by hand into compartments on a sorting frame †¢ Bagging and labelling mail for its destination †¢ Moving mail around the office between conveyor belts, loading docks and trolley s †¢ Moving mailbags from cages, sorting mailbags and bundles of mail into cages †¢ Loading and unloading wheeled containers from vehicles to the dispatch areas †¢ Showsec, Manchester2002 Security Operative (Commonwealth Games 2002) †¢ Operating CCTV equipment †¢ Patrolling on foot and in vehicle †¢ Dealing with enquiries from the general public †¢ Crowd control †¢ Awareness of health safety Education Training LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FINANCE: HND DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS: 2013-2014 Community Radio Training Course: NVQ2 3/12/2007 -14/12/2007   Technical broadcast skills such as operating a radio desk and using radio edit software   Presenting and interviewing skills – to utilise when broadcasting to thousands of people   Literary skills – writing and planning a show National Network Open Network: 2006 Qualification gained: †¢ NVQ Advice Work Training ProgrammeLevel 2 Manchester Refugees Network Support2004 – 2005 Certificates gained: †¢ First Aider †¢ Housing Benefit and Advocacy †¢ Employing Staff for the first time. †¢ Making your services more effective †¢ Charities evaluation services Astron Group, Manchester2003 Licenses gained: †¢ Lift Truck †¢ Flexi Truck †¢ Combi Truck †¢ BT P20 Pallet Truck Showsec, Manchester2002 Basic Job Training for Static Patrol Guards and achieved Grade C: STO Red Roses, Bolton2002 Licenses gained:Counterbalance and Reach Evelyn Oldfield, Manchester: Business Enterprise Course: 2001 Certificates gained: Health and Safety . First Aid Manchester Business Consortium Ltd: Business Certificate 2001 Sandra Robinson College, London2000 Qualifications gained: †¢ Wordpower Level 1 (ESOL Course) †¢ Wordpower Foundation Level College St Jean, Belgium1994 – 1995 Certificate gained: †¢ IT course in Databases Hobbies Interests In my spare time, I enjoy doing music with an African Band: singing is my princ ipal activity during the weekend. I am computer literate and keep in touch with friend trough the internet. References available on request

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