Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Analysis of Connie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Connie - Essay Example It is her fear and the need to keep her family away from troubles that force her to give in to Arnold Friend, her abductor. For example, at first she is equally forced by the desire to go out with Arnold Friend and the fear of being raped and killed, and hence unable to reach a decision. She neither refuses the invitation altogether, nor easily shows her willingness or desire to surrender. Instead she seems interested in prolonging the conversation only giving the lame reason â€Å"If my father comes and sees you† (46). This in fact, is used by the writer to show how easy it is to con a human being exploiting their basic instincts. However, when her family was dragged into the affair by Arnold Friend, she realizes the graveness of the situation and decides to call the police. Connie is an epitome of adolescence who finds home atmosphere claustrophobic and her mother’s comments annoying. She finds solace in the philosophy that her mother gets angry only because she lost her look. However, there are things liked by Connie; going places with her friends, movies and shopping and even visiting a ‘fly-infested restaurant’ (36).

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